Virat Kohli is one of the most desirable, loved and famous cricketers in India. According to SEMRUSH, he is the most searched cricketer online in 2020, an average of 16.2 lakhs per month. As a result, he became a legend, popular, richest and most honourable cricketer globally in 2020. Virat Kohli success story 2020 derives.

Here, we would describe all the factors which made Virat Kohli a legend, famous and richest cricketer in the world.

Why, Virat Kohli famous?


Test Cricket

7240 runs, an average of 53.63, 27 centuries and 22 half-centuries.

ODI Cricket

11867 runs, average of 59.64, 43 centuries with 58 half-centuries.

T20 Cricket

2794 runs, an average of 50.40 with 24 half-centuries.

Most ODI centuries while chasing(26).

most t20 half-century while chasing(16).

According to SEMRUSH, Virat Kohli is the most searched cricketer globally in 2020. 

He was the part of the Indian team when India won their second world cup in 2011. 

He was the caption for the Indian team when India arrived in the semi-final in 2019 world cup. 

He is the only Indian player to score 4 test centuries in a single series in Australia. 

He was the captain when India arrived at the first point in test cricket.

He is one of the famous cricketers in the world. 

Since he entered in Indian cricket team he has been a remarkable athlete for the country as well as for the whole world. People love to watch him play, love to Listen, like the way he dresses, how he respects their seniors. Hens, these are the little things which add up for Virat Kohli’s success.

Initially, he was very aggressive where he was found fighting with Gautam Gambhir in IPL. But, once, Virat Kohli was batting while fans were booing Steven smith, he told fans not to do such things which demotivate players, which shows how he respects not only to their seniors also, to all the deserving stars from another country. As a result, he has been considered a well-behaved player by BCCI. Which helped him to make the place in the heart of fans.

This man is also known as a chasing master of cricket because whenever the team is in danger, Virat Kohli has come up with their best effort which could lead the team India to victory. 

He has such a reputation that whenever he comes for batting every citizen, fans or commentators has faith in him and believe that he will lead the team to their victory and he stands on their trust. Which leads Virat Kohli to their success

Many times he has proved he is not only good at the ground but also a good person, while the India team was touring New Zealand, he found talking with Kane Williamson on soil with the prosperous. Therefore, these are the things which make Virat Kohli’s success.

Virat Kohli cars

Virat Kohli’s success can also be determined by his car collection. Basically, he owns 9 cars.

Audi Q7, Q8. 5 crores



Renault Duster.

Virat Kohli apartment and house

He owns a particular apartment situated in Delhi which worth 35 crores. 4 bedrooms on the 4th floor. Moreover, he has several houses

Virat Kohli’s success doesn’t stop there, he is one of those who own a private jet in India. He earns 688 crores annually in 2020.

Struggling Virat Kohli 

He was just 15 years old when he played his first professional cricket. 

At the end of 2004, Virat Kohli was selected for U17 Delhi team where he was to play Vijay merchant trophy, he scored 450 runs in 4 matches series. Everything was going fine but, 18 December 2006, was the date when his father passed away due to brain stock. And that was a very hard time for him as well as for his family. 

He often says that his father was a hero for him, he was always with him when I needed him, but now when I have everything I don’t have my father. This is very emotional for me.

In July 2006, Virat Kohli was selected for U19 India team. His first overseas tour was England where he performed partly good.

In 2009 he was selected for the Indian team to play against Sri-Lanka series for India A.

When Sachin Tendulkar and Sehwag got injured, he got his first opportunity to play for India and hit their first half-century, till there he never looked back and went on. 

Virat Kohli on Ms Dhoni retirement on Twitter 

He says, every Cricketer has to end his journey one day, but when you are too close to someone and the same person takes the decision is really emotional, but whatever you have done for the County, everyone would remember in their hearts…

Virat Kohli on Independence Day 2020

Wishing everyone Happy Independence Day to all the citizens and to the nation. God bless, Special to those who are away to their home on the border.

Virat Kohli Instagram 

He had 100k followers in 2008. But, He has 73.2 million followers on Instagram in 2020. Where he gets approx 1.5 crores for a per sponsored post which is higher than any other cricketer in India. Thus, Virat Kohli’s success is being derived.

Virat Kohli sponsorship

Virat Kohli’s success can also be determined through his top brands’ sponsorship like Wrong, MRF bat, mivi earphones, and many more companies who offer him a high rate of money to sponsor their products. But, he is too loyal with his fans, sometimes he refuges the offers which are not healthy or not worthy for the countrymen so far. Therefore, Virat Kohli Success has been earned by him itself.

According to sources, he had refused a top alcoholic company for sponsorship, which was really not good for their fans and citizens.

Virat Kohli is No.1 in the list of most visible celibrity Endorsed ad list in august 2020.

Virat Kohli fitness

Virat Kohli’s success was not that easy, he has done several sacrifices, left many things back, left junk food, worked on his body and important is that Virat Kohli worked hard to arrive at his success.

Thus, He is one of the fittest athletes in the world right now as I mentioned above. Manish Pandey is also in this list.

Virat Kohli fashion trends 

Perhaps, teenagers and youths of India are almost motivated by Virat Kohli fashion trends, the way he dresses and his beards are perfect. Often photographs find him with new fashionable clothes or haircuts, which influences us.


Virat Kohli is such a player who has always been a superstar for the country. Often, he helped the country to arrive at their glory. He is not only the finest cricket player also a good person, but Virat Kohli’s success is not derived by his annual earning, he has earned a reputation by his work, he is not smart with his face but, also with the mind when he arrives at the ground, where all the focus is to make the team win. Do you think, does Virat Kohli worth his success, are these all factors sufficient to make a player successful?

If you want to stay at his place, then work harder than how Virat Kohli did for his success. Best of luck. Cheers, 

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