So, here Sreesanth is ready for his comeback in international cricket for India. We all had the suspense of his comeback and gossip all around the country. Therefore, I will discuss all the factors and news about Sreesanth’s comeback: salary, Bigg Boss, wife. 

It’s been six long years and Sreesanth was banned from cricket. But think of Steven Smith and David Warner, they were called back after one year. they were caught for ball-tampering. This is a matter of discussion.

Sreesanth ban comes to conclusion.

How the Bigg Boss platform helped Sreesanth

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Sreesanth Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss has always been the controversial show but this reality show has also given a unique identity and respect to the contestants.

He was a very real personality, and that’s what helped him to earn huge respect, people love him, they trust him, fans want him to be the winner of the season.

He never gave negative answers about his allegation about match-fixing when his friends asked him inside the show, he was real, to the point and straight forward regarding this issue. As a viewer I think he was not the victim, he was trapped in a big net. 

The truth never remains hidden, it overshines once, Bigg Boss gave him a perfect opportunity in his life after the show he was in the heart of fans, he got the chance in many other reality shows and films. Even high court verified that Sreesanth was not accused, hens he was free from the wrong allegations.

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What did Sreesanth speak ahead of his ban end 

Finally, Sreesanth is free from his ban from BCCI, the court gave him a clean sheet which allows him to play any type of cricket. 

Sreesanth tweets, now I am free from any charge and I will represent my domestic team of Kerala. I am very happy to play again and I will give my 101% to each ball I deliver even in a practice match.

Sreesanth tweet

Sreesanth claim on international cricket can he play again?

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Yes, he can play domestic as well as international cricket.

As I discussed above, his claim was over after 7 years of ban and Sreesanth can play International and IPL matches once again, now.

Sreesanth net worth

According to sources Sreesanth earns 7.5 crores annually. His net worth was boosted after Bigg Boss. He is also ingested in a political party and earning well from films.

Ipl and Bcci were paying him a huge amount of money to him and endorsements were also a big source of his earning while he was a star bowler.

Sreesanth wife and his pillar

Bhuvneswari Sreesanth is a wife. She has always been a pillar for him and never left him alone in his hard time.

The whole India has seen the strength and support by his wife at Bigg Boss and throughout his ban. 

She was investigating and collecting the evidence which could verify that her husband was not a march-fixer, he was a real sportsman.

She tweets a powerful reply to the hatters, whenever someone tries to demotivate her husband. She has always been a pillar for Sreesanth.

What is Sreesanth doing now?

A person who loves Cricket and was not allowed to touch the ball for 6 years, imagine what he would be doing now. Sreesanth is busy in his fitness and at practice for upcoming domestic matches for Kerala.

Soon he would be back with his best and hopefully, he will deliver amazing balls for his team.

Was Sreesanth’s ban fair?

According to some allegations, I except for Sreesanth was banned for six years, but the question arises that was the ban fair, in comparison to Steven Smith and David Warner from Australia, who was caught doing ball-tampering

These two stars were caught and proven accused, they felt sorry, even then they were back after a single year in international cricket. 

I don’t think the punishment was fair enough.


He was an excellent bowler while India becomes a t20 world cup winner in 2007. I think Sreesanth is still a tremendous player, he can be the best option for the world cup in 2023 for India. Everyone wants him to get back in international cricket. He is a winner and we believe that we will make his comeback very soon.

Sreesanth was able to make a confession to the court that, let him play after 7 years.

Here i have explained all the factors of Sreesanth’s comeback: salary, Bigg Boss, wife.