It’s easy but not easiest. You need to be focused, which will boost your will power. You will have to do hard work, which will motivate you in yourself. You will have to be calm, which will help you to stay positive and you will have to be passionate so that you never give up. Here I will discuss all the possible factors to make you Learn cover drive to play like Virat Kohli: climb on Mountain of Cricket.

Never try to become like others, try to make your own brand so that people would follow you. It does not mean that you will not make your idol to learn from. It means to learn from everyone and always try to make your own style.

Everyone has their idol player and they try to learn and try to become like his or her idol, right?

But always keep the mindset to play with your idol and give your 1000% to become more famous, more successful than him.

Now let’s look at the content for, Learn cover drive to play like Virat Kohli: climb on Mountain of Cricket.

1. How to play Cover Drive in Cricket

CARDIFF, WALES – SEPTEMBER 16: Babar Azam, (Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images)

cover drive in cricket meaning is an act of Stoking the ball in the direction of the cover.

First: make your body free so that you feel comfortable and relax while hitting your short.

Second: fix yourself in a good cricket stance which will help you to watch the ball till the bat hits the ball and helps to take quick response.

Note: A good stance can change your batting performance similarly a bad stance will ruin your performance.

Third: perhaps, your eye contact is the main key factor to derive how your batting is to be, therefore your eye should always be fixed on the ball no matter how much speed is in the cricket ball. And the best cover drive in cricket can only be acquired by making your content permanent to the ball. From a bowler runs to throw the ball till you contact it through the bat.

Fourth: your leg movement is the top factor to boost your Cover Drive Shot. When a ball pitches on the full pitched area then you need to take your left leg in the line of impact and just punch the ball gently in cover area.

Fifth: while you stock the short, don’t let your bat go much away to your body, because while you hit the ball it may go directly into the fielder’s hand and you may get out. Therefore 

Sixth: in reference to point fifth, hold your top hand tighter than the bottom hand of bat’s handle.

Since we start playing cricket we desire to get perfection for this beautiful short. Often our cricket coaches teach us to perform your net session in such a way so that you could play a better cover drive. And I often see players, they question me how to hit a cover drive in cricket or how to play cover drive shot in cricket. I simply suggest them to follow these above solutions.

Cricket planning will definitely improve your batting in cricket. These tips will definitely lead you to Learn cover drive to play like Virat Kohli: climb on Mountain of Cricket.

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2. Best cover drive player in cricket

Here is the list of top 5 best cover drive player in the world.

5. Ricky Ponting cover drive.

Ricky ponting is an Australian former national cricket team captain. He was famous for his pull shot but the cover drive is also one of the top short for this great player.

The beauty of playing cover drive from him is like watching a bird who is flying in heaven.

4. Ian Bell cover drive.

Ian Bell is one of the favourite cricket player and an amazing player I have ever seen on the ground.

He has got mastery on his this particular short. He makes a beautiful glance while he hit the ball in covers and spectators just stand and give a perfect clap to appreciate at him.

Balance and perfection are stunning.

Sadly he was out of England team due to his bad performance and never came back in international cricket.

3. Alastair Cook cover drive.

A perfect left-hand batsman from England, who was also a successful captain for his team as well.

I look at his cover drive and just see how marvellous does he look. A left-hand batsman always makes a spectacular view for fans.

2. Babar Azam cover drive.

Babar Azam is the Best player from Pakistan national cricket team in 2020. He bats at number 3rd for his team.

One of the finest cover drive player in the world. The way he got his balance towards the short is just a matter of application. I love his batting and all the shorts he plays.

  1. Virat Kohli cover drive.

Who do not know Virat Kohli, he is an all-time greatest player from India national cricket team. 

His cover drive is famous in world cricket and I don’t think any of the cricket lovers would be unaware of his this particular short in this world.

The legs movement or footwork and balance is hundred per cent correct. He looks just amazing and excellent.

Look his way of batting in this video.


I have explained all the tips and factors to fetch you knowledge about the cover drive in cricket batting. 

Read twice if you don’t understand it and try to implement in your practice session, perform cover drive drills at your home so that you could be the next level of Virat Kohli.

I hope I am clear to make you understand so that you could Learn cover drive to play like Virat Kohli: climb on Mountain of Cricket.